• Pricing

    Based on surgeon experience and a variety of other factors, the cost of vision correction varies among practices. Just as results, not cost, should dictate your decision when purchasing a certain parachute over another, results, not cost, should dictate your selection of a surgeon to treat your eyes. At Fox Eye, we have made a significant investment in the latest technology. This technology, at the hands of a highly experienced surgeon such as Dr. Birchansky, makes all the difference in surgical results.

    While we understand your wish to get the best price possible, please remember that quality, service, and results are extremely important when it comes to medical care. 

    Call 1-800-I SEE YOU or 319-362-9855 for more information about the cost of procedures.

    Insurance – Some insurance companies may have benefits for vision correction procedures. Please present us with your insurance card so we may help you determine your benefits or check with your plan administrator.

    Flex-Spending/Health Savings – Many employers offer flexible spending or health savings accounts.  Many of our patients utilize these plans for pre-tax savings for procedures like laser vision correction. Your employer’s human resources department can tell you whether you have this benefit. Vision correction procedures may be tax deductible as a medical expense. You may check with your financial advisor to determine your eligibility.

    Payment Methods – Payment is due in full before your procedure. CareCredit is one of the options we have for affordable monthly payments. With CareCredit, it is easy to apply online and receive credit approval even before you schedule an appointment with us.