• Chemical Peels

    Chemical Peeling is a technique used to enhance the appearance of the skin and is effective in the treatment of wrinkles, skin discoloration and age spots, as well as dull skin texture and mild acne scars. During this treatment we apply a chemical solution to the skin, which causes dead skin cells to separate and peel off. A chemical peel produces younger-looking skin by stripping away old, sun damaged skin, which the body replaces with new, healthy skin. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The new skin is also more even in color.

    Chemical peeling is also an excellent treatment for select acne patients who may benefit from superficial (“light”) peels. Utilizing special formulations, our doctor peels away the outer epidermis, uprooting acne comedones and cleansing the surface skin. Some patients find that it decreased the size of their large pores. Often we see a remarkable response in our patients who have reached a standstill with conventional therapies.

    What are the reasons to have a peel?

  • To look and feel younger
  • To help sun-damaged skin
  • To rejuvenate your skin
  • To get rid of lines
  • To reduce pigment spots and patches (melasma)
  • To soften acne and other types of scarring
  • To lighten freckles
  • Chemical peels do not interfere with your normal everyday activities, so you need not take time off work or stay at home out of the public eye. Our staff should perform these peels weekly, as they contain a concentration of ingredients which are far higher than those sold over the counter. It is also important not to abandon this treatment prior to having had the full course, because the treatments are cumulative and the previous one enhances each subsequent treatment. We have found the ideal number of treatments to be six to 12 on average, although it may be more depending on the individual.

    Several days after each of the peels, flaking or light peeling of the skin will occur.

    Subsequent weekly peels have their strength and length of application adjusted according to your individual previous response. We recommend that after your treatment, you have a peel done every month as on-going maintenance.

    Preparing for your Chemical Peel
    Dr. Stangler and his aesthetic consultant will instruct you on how to prepare for your peel treatment.

    The Procedure
    First, we thoroughly cleanse the skin with an astringent that removes excess oils. Then one or more chemical solutions are applied for several minutes. During the procedure, most patients experience a warmth, which lasts several minutes.

    Depending on the type of peel, a reaction similar to a mild to severe sunburn occurs. In superficial peels, there may be redness and peeling for a few days, or the effect may be microscopic and invisible to the naked eye.