• Testimonials

    “Dr. Stangler was great! He’s so good and personable. The first time I saw my niece after the procedure she said, ‘Oh, you look younger!’ I had such a good experience. I would tell anyone to go to Dr. Stangler.”

    Joyce W., Cedar Rapids

    “I’m so thrilled! I can’t begin to tell people how pleased I am. Everyone notices something different about me, but they aren’t sure what. I feel better…and look better! This was such a good decision.”

    J.D., Cedar Rapids

    “My eyes used to itch and hurt. I had been to another doctor but he just wanted me to tape my eyes. Then I met Dr. Stangler. He was interested in actually solving the problem. He was very professional and did a super job. It was a great experience and I’m very pleased. Everything has gone very well.”

    Steve D., Hopkinton