• No-Stitch Cataract Surgery

    Over a million people in the United States undergo surgery each year to remove cataracts. These people suffer from poor vision and may experience a number of symptoms that interfere with everyday life.

    A cataract is a cloudy lens of the eye. It is similar to a dirty camera lens or a dirty windshield. Cataracts can cause blurred vision, glare, halos, eye irritation, altered depth perception, and discoloration. It can make reading, driving, watching TV, and playing sports difficult.

    Dr. Birchansky specializes in “state of the art” cataract surgery to remove the cloudy lens. This quick, 10-minute procedure uses eye drop anesthesia and no stitches. Prior to surgery, patients receive medication allowing them to be relaxed but awake. Dr. Birchansky makes a 3mm, self-sealing incision and removes the cataract with sound waves. An artificial lens implant replaces the eye’s natural lens. A side approach incision may also be used to reduce pre-existing astigmatism for improved vision.

    This type of cataract surgery allows you to resume normal activities after surgery (the exception is driving, which is not allowed until doctor’s approval is obtained at the post-operative visit). Sight is usually improved by the next morning. A patient may lift, bend, stoop, cough, strain, exercise, and work without needing to wear an eye shield or patch. Since there are no stitches, the eye heals faster and stronger. Vision is stable within two weeks of surgery and the patient is ready for a new glasses prescription.

    In addition to being board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, Dr. Birchansky is board certified by the American Board of Eye Surgery in Cataract and Lens implant surgery. He is credited with bringing No-Stitch cataract surgery to this area in October 1991 and has since performed over 40,000 No-Stitch cataract surgeries.

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